Honourable Mentions / by KTX archiLAB

The PolyCuboid

Company Name:

KTX archiLAB

Project Designers:

Tetsuya Matsumoto

Project Location:


The PolyCuboid is the new headquarter building for TIA, a company that provides insurance services.

The volume is composed by an interlace of three cuboid shapes creating intersections, voids, and space units. The cuboids superposition allows a richer space syntax including interior and exterior terraces, an atrium, several seating spaces, and a clear yet richer functional distribution of spaces and connections. Bridges also connect the cuboids from inside allowing a dynamic overview of the different spaces.

The first floor was shaped by the limits of the site and a ø700mm water pipe that is crossing the site underground. The middle volume stretching from 2nd to 3rd floor extends in cantilevers on both sides allowing the building to gain precious square meters.

The metallic structure of the building dissolves into the diverse blocs of the composition. The pillars and beams vanish from the space syntax, projecting the impression of an object, while also eliminating that of a building.