Prof. Keat Ong
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Prof. Keat Ong
President (2021 - 2023)
Asia-Pacific Space Designers Association

As the saying goes ”After the darkness comes the dawn”. We will be entering a very exciting time ahead for the interior / spacial design fraternity and industry at large. The certainties are beginning to outnumber the doubts that we are able to make certain decisions in the name of progressions and improvements.

APSDA has been the main professional body representing the interior / spacial design institutes and associations in Asia & Oceania region for the past 3 decades. The vision and mission of the alliance/ association has always been to elevate the profession and industry through connectivity of the diverse cultures in the region, fostering understanding and unity, facilitating more ambitious undertaking of programs and events at a larger regional scale.

With the revamped structure, APSDA has now 6 main departments, namely Membership, Professional Development, Education, Industry Relations, Awards + Competitions, and Editorial + Outreach Departments. These important pillars ensure a comprehensive development of programs and events to cater to the continuous evolution of the fraternity and industry.

A new membership structure will also be introduced to promote inclusivity through exclusivity. Among the existing membership types, we have added a new category named the Associate Membership which, for the first time, allows APSDA to accept non-national level associations into this prestigious family. Alongside this, distinguished individuals from the board members’ countries/ regions will also be invited to join the few newly-formed committees to further progress our initiatives in the professional practice and education realms.

With a united front, APSDA will spearhead ambitious plans to promote the highly underrated design capabilities of the Asia Pacific region to the rest of the world. We expect to see increased output in term of publications, joint-seminars and inter-regional programs developing over the next couple of years.

Thus, I hope APSDA’s strong sense of purpose will inspire all the stakeholders in the interior/ spacial design industry within the AP region to unite and contribute towards our common cause and interest! Lastly, I would like to borrow a quote from J.K. Rowling “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”