APSDA College of Fellows
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The College of Fellows, referred to as APSDA College of Fellows (ACOF) is a body within APSDA which is comprised of individuals from the Full Membership who have been accorded the status of Fellow of APSDA.

Purpose & Objectives

  1. To act as a consultative body to the Board and Executive Committee of APSDA in maintaining the basis and principles of the APSDA formation.
  2. To help promote the Objectives of APSDA and provide advise on any dilution of these objectives.
  3. To assist in the advancement of the interest and goals of APSDA.
  4. To contribute to the programs and activities of the APSDA membership via the Board of APSDA.
  5. To approve recommendations for admission as ‘Fellows‘.
  6. To attend the Board and Executive Meetings of APSDA as a voting member on policy matters, having one casting vote, all through the ACOF Committee.
  7. To execute projects, if so required by the presiding APSDA Board.