CPD Guidelines
Continuing Professional Development
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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a lifelong learning process to ensure accredited Interior Designers and Interior Architects stay current with the industry best practices, regulatory changes, and essential new skills. CPD enhances or increases their knowledge and skills to meet societal needs and incorporates advanced knowledge, skills, and ethical values for professional practice, self-directed research, and multidisciplinary specialization.

As an Accredited Interior Designer and Interior Architect from Group B, you will be required to clock up a minimum of 20 CPD points per accumulation period. This can be a combination of both Structured or Unstructured Activity.

*AP-ID-AP‘s CPD Points to commence from July 2024 onwards

Continue Professional Development (CPD) Points (Group B)

1. Minimum CPD Points for renewal

20 Points

2. Excess CPD Points

Max 10 points to carry forward

3. Insufficient CPD Points

Renewal is allowed if the accredited interior designer gives a written understanding that he/she will make up for the shortfall in the requisite CPD Points in 2 months’ time

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points Activities

1. Structured CPD Activities

  1. Attending live CPD Trainings, courses, seminars, webinars, talks, conferences, knowledge development programme
  2. Teaching in a formal setting – Developing and delivering learnings to others
  3. Completing an academic course – with a clear relationship to practice of interior design

2. Unstructured CPD Activities

  1. Mentoring, coaching of student or junior designer
  2. Giving a talk in panel discussion, as moderator at webinars, exhibition, trade show, festival
  3. Involvement in relevant industry technical workgroup
  4. Holding position in regional / World bodies
  5. Special Events (i.e. Gala Dinner)