Membership Type
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  1. Open to professional association who is representing the interior or spatial design profession the country/territory - national level
  2. Must be a legally registered association with their respective governmental body with at least 3 years in existence
  3. Comes with voting rights
  4. To meet the requirements of representativeness and professional standing established by APSDA.
  1. Open to professional association who is representing the interior or spatial design profession from the city, province or state level.
  2. Open to non-national or governmental body.
  3. No voting rights for Associate Member category.
  1. Institutions of higher learning, interior design schools and national bodies that are involved in the teaching, researching and development of interior design within the Region.
  2. No voting rights
  3. Eligibility: Only post-secondary schools whose curriculum meets the Minimum Standards for Interior Design Education are eligible
  4. Programmes must be 4 years minimum length (exemptions granted under certain circumstances after consultation with APSDA Secretariat)
  5. The Schools must have regularly published bulletin/catalogue listing admission requirements, courses, tuition, duration,facilities and other pertinent information about the school and its Interior Design curriculum. If not already covered inthe published bulletin or catalogue, a list of faculty members and their qualifications must be submitted to APSDA upon application
  1. Interior design consultancy firms registered with the relevant institutes/associations of interior design that operate within the Region.
  2. No voting rights
  3. Eligibility: Firm that is either a sole proprietor or partnership or body corporate that is solely involve in the business of Interior Design consultancy services which operates in the Asia-Pacific region and a member or registered with a Full member of APSDA.
  4. To provide the firm's organization structure, company's information and curriculum vitae or profile that clearly describe the ownership, resources, scope of services and list of projects completed by the firm.
  1. Multi-national companies or corporations that have operational offices within the Region and who are committed to the values and advancement of the interior design industry
  2. No voting rights
  3. Eligibility: Companies or Corporations that is involved in the business of marketing and manufacturing of products or materials or finishes within the Interior Design industry and companies that are involved in the construction of interior works.
  4. Able to provide brochures/profiles of products/work and describe the quality and type of products or scale of projects completed
  5. Must register their interest in being a member of this category with a Full Member of APSDA