Gold Award / by J.C. Architecture

Taipei Fine Arts Museum Store

Company Name:

J.C. Architecture

Project Designers:

Johnny Chiu

Project Location:


While only occupying 0.2% space of the museum, and to achieve the goal of renovating a brand new image for this historical souvenir store, here we have incorporated the Metabolism movement techniques to better visualize the design of the gift shop with the museum building.

The metabolism movement represents using the core structure of the building as the load-bearing device, the architects of the Metabolism movement developed diverse ways to explore the land and space. Architect Kao, the designer of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, is one of the key figures of the Taiwanese Metabolism movement.

Combine the technique that the museum's original designer represents and our creative designing thoughts, through stacking multiple cantilever structures, we created the space for the shop. The movable display cantilever structure further provides spatial flexibility that allows visitors to see the ordinary gift shop in a new way.

When people spin the cantilever structure into different directions, it extends outward and a totally different space appears. It is another large-scale artwork that spontaneously and playfully lays out into the Taipei Fine Arts Museum lobby.