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Honourable Mentions / by Blu Water Design

Sky51, EQ

Company Name:

Blu Water Design

Project Designers:

Lai Siew Hong

Project Location:


Experience a bird’s life up in the clouds at EQ Sky51 Sky Bar. Hop into the entrance with infinity mirrors and reflective surfaces that represents the limitless sky — gliding through like an eagle. The experiential space transitions into a glowing Maitre’D set against the bar deck. The scarlet red illumination depicts the city lights from a bird’s eye view. A few flutter to the right takes you to the sky dining restaurant with elegant curvatures and soft materials to accentuate the nurturing nature of a bird tending to its young. On the left, a speakeasy entrance opens up into a bar lounge that takes on a dynamic shape — like a ferocious hunt. Marvel at the outdoor DJ booth that appears ‘afloat’ midair. In a secluded corner, one can find the pod seats, symbolising the nest — a sanctuary for privacy and experience amidst the lush greenery.