Honourable Mentions / by DWm4 Intrends Ltd.

QRius Flagship Retail Outlet

Company Name:

DWm4 Intrends Ltd.

Project Designers:

Navid Chowdhury

Project Location:


“Qrius” is a young contemporary retail clothing brand of Dhaka, Bangladesh. As the name suggests, the vision of the brand is to establish innovative fusion fashion-ware for the mid to high tier customer base. Given the opportunity to design the flagship outlet for this brand, located in the most happening shopping strip of the country’s capital, opened doors for opportunities in rethinking the concept of interior spaces for fashion brands in the local

DWm4 Intrends Ltd. specializes in the design of retail outlets and works for major brands of Bangladesh. The Qrius flagship outlet was conceptualized as a place where ethnicity is juxtaposed with international shopping experience, interlaced with the core philosophies connected to the process of designing and weaving fashion-ware while keeping the consumer interest focused on the presented canvas. The intricate detailing not only serves as a backdrop for curated selection of products but also, in making knowledge of ethnic clothing history and its future perceptible to their patrons.

When ethnicity meets international diversity, the space can reflect the simplicity within grandeur as portrayed through our effort in making “Qrius” truly curious.