Honourable Mentions / by 2nd Edition Pte Ltd

Park Colonial Show Gallery

Company Name:

2nd Edition Pte Ltd

Project Designers:

Hilary Loh

Project Location:


The Park Colonial show gallery reflects the magnificence of the British Colonial style with black and white mosaic tiles, vaulted ceilings, and dark wood wall panels. The units display 3 distinct approaches of this overarching theme; Coastal Chinoiseries, Tropical Exotic, and Flourishing Modernity.

Coastal Chinoiseries
Inspired by the Hampton Lifestyle and infused with Chinoiseries elements, this 5-bedroom unit is characterized by a tone-ontone palette accented with bold and rich colours like red and gold, blending with coastal blue and white. The unit utilizes materials such as velvet and marble to present an elegant and luxurious living space, gentled by additions of wood panels and finishes.

Tropical Exotic
Vibrant and exotic, this 3-bedroom unit is an ode to the early plantation settlements of the Asian Tropics. Setting the mood with tropical-themed wallpaper upon earthy tones and green accents, wood panels and rattan screens were used along with gold accents to complete the theme.

Flourishing Modernity
Exuding modern sophistication and class, this 2-bedroom unit plays with different textures of black, be it in marble, wood, or fabric. Upon this dark canvas, points of interest are highlighted in bronze accents and interesting furniture.