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Honourable Mentions / by Creative Nucleus PLT

Nooraswadi Mohd Noor

Company Name:

Creative Nucleus PLT

Project Designers:

Nooraswadi Mohd Noor

Project Location:


Inspired by space-themed, Virtual Reality Park Bangi, a project funded by Serba Dinamik Group, focuses on bringing the excitement and realness of being in a spaceship and the milky way as part of the design. We believed that the ambiance will eventually help the players to enjoy the virtual games to the fullest.

Lighting was part of the most important features. Experimenting with lighting and colour help at achieving the mood and the ambiance. The use of black paint throughout the walls in the space help at focusing on the VR game’s machine and direct people to certain spaces. This helps at giving circulation the direction it needs without any signage. The characteristic of each Virtual Reality game’s machine and the game contents also inspired the designer during the design development.

The best feature of the design also would be the arch. A combination of spaceship design theme and LED lighting that was used, enhance the spaces and give the players the experience of walking around a spaceship tunnel. Every section of the space gives a unique experience of its own, distinguishing in both form and function.