Honourable Mentions / by Moreln Design


Company Name:

Moreln Design

Project Designers:

Shih Chieh Kao

Project Location:


The project hopes to combine the undulations and staggering of the multi-layer space under the structure of only 43 square meters of space and the maximization of functional requirements, guiding the space to connect with the functions of the dressing room, studio, and reading area in front of the bed, and maintain ample natural lighting.

To correspond the passion for the mountains of dweller, the designer combined with the form of the ups and downs and materials to simulate the appearance of mountains, giving vivid stories and functions that complies with well living and spiritual abundance. The residence also applies recyclable materials and environmentally friendly paints, such as paradise, iron, and wood material.

The bedroom on the mezzanine floor is like an overhanging rock block on a mountain peak. The boundary is separated from the overall space by creating a hollow feeling through glass and iron parts. The indigo blue iron stairs are waterfalls and deep pools. The gray ladder symbolizing the rock below extends to the desk where also a turning point for connection and stay becomes; the rotatable TV wall and multifunctional platform expand the flexibility of use. The dweller can discover different scenery at every turn of the peaks and different angles of vision.