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Lost Villa Qiandao Lake

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Eeri Studio

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Education Policy Committee Specific Objectives

On the waterfront of Qiandao Lake, maximizing the introduction of natural environment and maximizing concession of artificial traces have become the first design principle. As the opposite of the noisy environment in the city, we believe that the greatest value of this hotel space is to help users get an introspective self-return.

First, framed scenery became the focus of discussion. Next, the materiality of the indoor space was maximally weakened. For formal operation, all the expressions of industrialization of the building were erased with decorative means. The flat ceiling, floors and walls led the climax of the space to the outside nature. For material manipulation, plain black, white and gray tones and wood were used to respond to the memory of the original village. Being not overemphasized the sense of design nor deliberately avoided contemporary, everything was based on a harmonious atmosphere.

By performing these operations, the external environment became an inseparable part of the entire spatial experience, and the external environment in different states in turn gives the same space completely different characters. Finally, through this series of design operations that actively circumvented subjectiveness and competitiveness, the space and nature reached a result of polite communication and mutual penetration.