Food & Beverage

Honourable Mentions / by Jazz Space Design

History Unfolds

Company Name:

Jazz Space Design

Project Designers:

Yu-Ting Chang

Project Location:


For almost 35 years already, the local restaurant selling squid potage soup has accompanied its customers through their lives. This time it has returned with its grand new look representing its history of its delicious local food and unforgettable memory with customers.

Walking on the street, the restaurant stands out from the rest of the shops with its new cloth in wooden bars interweaved contrasting with the steady stones. Symbolically, two main materials used here for exterior design represent the long history of its food, service, and memory. Both materials take time to form. The heaviness of the stone stands for the importance, whereas the wood stands for the flexibility and hospitality, interweaving into a great long history holding up the restaurant.

On the outside, the first floor is framed within glass wall panels with some greenery outside to refresh the heaviness of stone. The glass wall panels on the other hand, offer a great sense of transparency, tidiness and brightness. By using the spotlight on the sides to light up the counter, it emphasizes the business and draws attention from the outside. For the others looking in, they can easily see the process and the service.

Once entering, customers firstly see the counter with the menu on the top clearly shown. While waiting for its order, the right side of the wooden panels carries up a piece of information for one to know more about the restaurant’s history. Passing by, entering the place, one can see the sliding glass doors offering a sense of privacy while keeping the light shine through. The metal bars serve as decoration and staircase railing, providing a sense of firmness.

As for the dining area, the interior design here beautifully echoes the facade. With its similar use of materials and color palette: Earthy colors as the furniture to welcome and take in the guests, whereas the clean achromatic colors and the stones hold up the space.

The wooden bars on the backrest of the long chair contribute to the transparency and permeability of the space. It makes customers feel less crowded in between, yet can be considered as partition. A great customer experience always comes with a nice comfy environment and its surroundings. Simultaneously, while the lighting shines on it, it creates shadow as one of the decorations of the space.

As for the floor, ceiling and walls, with the combination of achromatic colors, stone materials, and architectural concrete, it holds up the space, mimicking the sky and earth. The colors keep the space clean and neat. Yet, the texture of the material offers steadiness.

On the other side, the lighting delicately brightens up the space and sets the tone as comfy yet simple; modern but artisanal. While the wooden chairs and desks are the protagonists in the area, the bamboo ceiling lamps light up the space, corresponding to the wooden texture and the bamboo plantation outside of the restaurants. Indirect lighting design is used here both behind the wood panels on the sidewall and the symbolic sign on the black board. This strategy builds up artistic beauty and the atmosphere, at the same time, offers enough lighting to the space.