Silver Award / by Blu Water Design

EQ Kuala Lumpur

Company Name:

Blu Water Design

Project Designers:

Lai Siew Hong

Project Location:


The EQ Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s recent revamp boasts its iconic rectilinear 52-storey architecture with 440 guest rooms and suites enveloped in rich local identity. Reimagining a novel way to translate heritage into a space, cultural leitmotifs are refashioned to embody a sense of discovery within the walls in the property. Adopting the concept of ‘timeless chic heritage’, elements like songket, baskets and looms are reinterpreted in harmonious symphony. The common area is interlaced with beautiful woven textures inspired by traditional textiles and elements of nature. Its main feature lies in the grand lobby where a glistening polished rose gold spiralling staircase sparkles in dynamic fashion. A tower lantern complements with an interplay of opacity and luminosity — adding romance to the communal space. Its grandeur is paired with a neutral palette to translate a welcoming space informed by rich Malaysian hospitality.