Bronze Award / by Yiiif Design Co.


Company Name:

Yiiif Design Co.

Project Designers:

Wang Chun Chi

Project Location:


Ductech is a smart home company that uses code to make homes more humanizing. As if human communicate with objects, they make them full of life. And the language of communication is the “Morse code” that can be seen everywhere on the wall. Through these codes, the geometric lines that appear in the original space change organic.

We use a lot of original material surfaces (like cement/metal), which express Dectech’s strong emphasis on originality of creativity.

When we enter from the door, there is a long corridor that full of hairline metal, and the feeling of space capsule. It is our interpretation for future technology.

We can directly see the show room in meeting room. It is the show space when clients visit. After the clients leave, it will be simulation laboratory for various usage scenarios.

The overall space is divided into an exhibition area and an office area. It is not only creating the professional welcome space but also keeping the entrepreneurial secrets very complete. Through those designs, employees would have more innovation and passion in Ductech.