Silver Award / by One Work Design Co, Ltd

Dong Teng Show Flat

Company Name:

One Work Design Co, Ltd

Project Designers:

Feng-Hsiang Chang

Project Location:


The theme of this project is “The Second Residence,” which does not mean the second house, but “The Second Lifestyle.”

Located in Beitou, which is known for its hot spring, the residence hopes to provide a second lifestyle focused on rest and health preservation.

With the warm tone of wood colors, the overall space having extensive blank space exposes a laid-back and comfortable atmosphere. The side wall at the entrance is the largest wall in the entire residence for the bookshelves and display cabinets in the hope that reading and collecting books can play as the main role in the living room.

Without delineating the boundary with the study room, the layout of the living room makes the sofa the center of free moving routes. The sofa is no longer an object defining the boundaries among spaces. The dining table with the counter not only extends the visual sense in the dining room, also consolidating themes in the public space, thus converting the living room, dining room, and study room a big space for different family activities.

Unlike the white tone of the public space, the dark stones, dark glass and linear lights used for the hot spring room have transformed the guest bathroom into a small entryway to the hot spring room. While opening the two doors of hot spring room, you can smell the scent of cypress. In addition to the bathtub, the small dressing room, toilet, and shower area
altogether make the hot spring room more practical.

The walls in the resting area, which is next to the hot spring room, are coated with artistic paints, which develop humanistic characteristic in the space. The single bed makes this room a guest room as well. Continuing the design style of the adjoining space, the master bedroom painted with light and wood colors as the main tone bring the role of bedroom back to the most original needs.