Gold Award / by Studio IF

Courtyard House

Company Name:

Studio IF

Project Designers:

Dianne Goh

Project Location:


Designed as a daytime city retreat for a client who is an avid tea drinker, book and nature lover, Courtyard House is a private cluster of courtyard buildings set in the traditional Hutong Area in Beijing. A calm oasis to be enjoyed in all seasons, the buildings surround a main courtyard and a few secondary ones that provide access to evergreen garden views even in winter. Glass skylights were introduced in discrete locations just off the main courtyard to bring daylight and warmth into the typically cold basements.

Traditional elements were carefully balanced with modern needs. The once colorfully painted timber structures were painstakingly treated to evoke the warmth that adorns such traditional siheyuan (courtyard houses). Elaborate solid timber screen lattice glass doors form a key architectural backdrop for the main courtyard. The solid timber lattice work was detailed to sandwich triple glass glazing that keeps the house warm in the harsh winters. Indoors, mechanical ventilation and airconditioning systems have to be cleverly concealed within the interior elements such as wall features, artwork or a decorative “loose” console so as to appreciate the timber roof structures. All the art pieces were curated by us, and created by local craftsmen.