Gold Award / by MOMENT

Bridgestone Innovation Gallery

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Project Designers:

Tomohiro Watabe

Project Location:


The facility was renovated with the aim of providing reverse education to Bridgestone's partners, employees around the world, and children through hands-on experience, using the tire, a solution that everyone knows, as the core. The facility was renovated. It is a challenging attempt to break away from the conventional explanatory exhibition space that relies on type and panels, and combine intuitive signs and graphics, "real" and "digital," to deepen understanding through the environment, light, body and experience.

Through spatial experiences in four zones, each with its own individuality, visitors can learn about Bridgestone's history, attractive products, mobility society, and the latest technology in an easy-to-understand and multifaceted way. The dynamic dot art at the entrance is layered with people visiting the museum, full-size cars and airplanes, and trees in the background, to create a single piece of art that expresses Bridgestone's themes of Mobility, People, and Environment. We avoided digital expressions such as LED panels, and instead used greenery and sunlight that constantly change with the seasons and time.

The goal was for Bridgestone partners to learn about new solutions, for employees to understand the company's history and strengths, and for children to feel closer to Bridgestone and tires.