Gold Award / by Time Image Space Design

Awinic Shanghai Headquarters

Company Name:

Time Image Space Design

Project Designers:

Youliang Xu

Project Location:


For the general public, tech companies largely look rational and cool. So how to affiliate humanist touches into rationality to break the stereotype of tech companies has become an endeavor of awinic to convey its brand new corporate image. The designer hopes to apply awinic's corporate brand culture to the office space, enabling it to reflect a future-oriented tension, which in addition to the functions of office, fitness, leisure, entertainment and reading, creates an ideal land of business where technology goes hand in hand with romance.

The space builds up a cool and gentle atmosphere with Tiffany blue and white. Intuitive, large color blocks are adopted as the iconic color connecting the whole space in the elevator hall, or the prelude to the entrance, to give visitors a sensory baptism full of pleasant surprises. The elevator hall lighting employs hollow carving aluminum plates, which embed the awinic logo into the overall structure.

The reception hall keeps a large blank area, whose background wall extracts a curve from the first two letters “aw” of “awinic". The reception desk simulates the smooth modeling of the circuit board. Such geometric collocation makes the space rhythmic. The designer applies a model of awinic breathing light for Huawei into the space for creative display in the large scale space. Hanging on the background wall of the office area aisle are six 3D device drawings of allegorical awinic core products, which turn the corporate culture into an art form accessible for the employees.

The designer creatively develops the chip modeling into the form of wood grids and applies them to the Smart Meeting Room. The dark brown leather seats, coupled with geometrically patterned silencing carpet, highlight both functions and aesthetics. The small “RF Meeting Room” is taken from “RF devices”, one of the five product lines of awinic. The pictures on the background wall of the meeting room are inspired by "circuits and musical notes" in the design, creating a meeting space closely related to enterprise products.

The workspace and the reading area are naturally connected with a "gray space", which has the function of emotional conversion. The arc stairs link the first floor to the third floor, while the slide next to the stairs unlocks people’s nature to play. The arc design in the vice president's office is elegant and concise, full of ingenuity. The five letters of awinic are integrated as design elements into the whole facade space, highlighting the corporate brand culture.