Bronze Award / by MEC Design International Corp.

Yokohama Tokyo Rei Hotel

Company Name:

MEC Design International Corp.

Project Designers:

Yukiko Kawazoe

Project Location:


Tokyu REI Hotel is a lifestyle hotel located in Yokohama Minato Mirai, a city where ‘past,-present-future’ intersects, from historical buildings to cutting edge spots. Our design concept is “WARP’ inspired by the regional characteristics of the city. Based on this concept, we designed to create a variety of effects that will resonate with the five senses.

The giant moon is a symbol of the moon's gravitational force, which brings people together and connects them. Then, you will see a huge moon sculpture in front of you. The pillar-shaped lights blink randomly, and the place is always buzzing with music and people talking. We designed an art wall with graphic design of sound waves in front of the elevator lobby. The interior of the guest room is a warm, wood-toned space that feels like a home away from home, which is the brand concept of Tokyu REI. By seamlessly connecting two contrasting spaces, the public area on the 9th floor, bustling with music, light, and images, and the relaxing guest rooms in earthy colors on the 10th to 15th floors.