Gold Award / by J.C. Architecture, Motif Planning & Design Consultants

Not Just a Library

Company Name:

J.C. Architecture, Motif Planning & Design Consultants

Project Designers:

Johnny Chiu

Project Location:


Education Policy Committee Specific Objectives

This isn’t just a library, not just an 83-year-old bathhouse monument, not just a cultural venue.

Taking the inspiration from a drop bathhouse, the plywood reveals a gentle light that accompanies people like a book bath, immerse them in invisible thoughts. Words recording speeches, speeches shaping the communication between the inspiration and creativity between inner hearts and mind. Here, it doesn’t just serve the purpose of personal gatherings, the possibilities are indefinite, from concerts, lectures, extension stages, transforming the concept of an original bathhouse into an experimental showcase of literature.

Follow down the stairways, discover the half-a-century old bath house, the vintage tiles on the wall, retain the traces of past life, adorned with golden details to present the beauty of wabi-sabi; respect the imperfections and architectural limitations of historic buildings without adding more steel bars and screws. The sun shines on the ventilated patio and the suspended steel cable woven arc lighting reflects each other, blooming downward, illuminating the modern thoughts, continuously pass down the timelessness of the history.

It’s with hope that words are seen as mist and knowledge, to represent the spirit of bathing: thoughts and self-growth of gratitude, transform into the cultural heritage and radiate outward.