Bronze Award / by Shanghai Face Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd

Modern Geometry

Company Name:

Shanghai Face Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd

Project Designers:

Li Zhang

Project Location:


In this project, the designer uses geometric elements to destruct and reconstruct the space, which opens a conversation between children and the space, and resonates with adults, creating an out-of-the box sales offices with the artistic and family appropriate atmosphere. The layout of the space embraces the spirit of nature and spontaneity. With an open plan, every section of the space is united yet independent.

The color palette of the space is black, white, warm brown, and a dash of jungle-like green, with some gold form the metal hardware, which characterizes the space. The simplicity of black and white creates a spacious and pleasant ambience. The designer draws inspirations form colorful jungles and leaf veins in particular and creates a special design that brings consistently changing colors and shadow.

The combination between high-end fabrics, crystal decorations and fine metal hardware establishes a delicate touch. Together with the subtle marbles, the space is modern and chic. All the textures and multi-media sculptures create a harmony that offers a refreshing spacious experience, in which one wander the line between reality and imagination. The consult area is rather simple, and with the simplicity highlights the pure essence of the space: a place for one to relax and picture his future life.