Gold Award / by PANORAMA Design Group


Company Name:

PANORAMA Design Group

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Project Location:

Hong Kong

MeeHotel is a urban resort hotel aims to give business travelers a peaceful state. The project location is called “Bamboo Forest”, so we naturally generate our story from this name.

In celebration of the unique quality of bamboo, from the architectural to the interior level, we can continue to promote and allow business travelers to appreciate the beauty of traditional handicraft that we should have ignored. It can ultimately form aesthetic, functional, and cultural enhancement in our busy urban life. On the main wall. Various on-site tests & experiments with traditional bamboo weaver were done to create screens to define reception and lounge area. Pitched roof ceiling and natural diatom mud finished walls overlay by articulated light and shadow effects provide a minimal and leisure experience for the lobby space.

Central courtyards were introduced in every two guest-room floors. A reflective lake with bamboo installation of dancing curves that falls naturally, as if clouds are floating in the air. Guests will feel like passing through an abstract bamboo forest before arriving at their rooms.

Sky Café is a zen and church-like space constructed by full height bamboo structure. Skylight above allows natural light fall during daytime. Ceiling suspended circular LED lights formed endless glowing moons and provides guests a poetic experience during nighttime.

The bamboo and rattan applied in all guestroom headboards are in the same pattern as those in the lobby but with different widths and thickness. Floated by concealed lights, it aims to provide guests a peaceful environment and an elegant atmosphere.