Silver Award / by PBM

Boon Rawd Brewery Headquarters

Company Name:


Project Designers:

Eve Tejavanija

Project Location:


“Where the Legend Meets Innovation”

Boon Rawd Brewery is a long-standing organization of Thai society for 88 years. As the business expand, as well as today’s changing work pattern in effect of digitalization, the Boon Rawd Brewery decided to move into new premise. While the design of the new workplace is portrayed to be modern and more cooperative, the design team did not want to diminish the importance of the company’s history.

“Where Legend Meets Innovation” is the phrase describing a main design concept of Boon Rawd Brewery Headquarters. The design concept is derived from the business characteristic itself. Starting from operation water buses and later turned into manufacturing beer, the company has a deep connection with “water”. The flow of the water is adapted into the flow of space, combined with Thai rustic decoration style. Golden bubbles colour, gray and black are employed to create a formal and dignified personality.

By driving deep and re-visiting the company's history, this headquarters is an example of how interior design can represent a legacy in the modernity of digital workplace era. All these have leveraged the place to be much more than an office.