Food & Beverage

Bronze Award / by Supermaniac Inc.

Be: Side - Sweets & Treatment - Funabashiya

Company Name:

Supermaniac Inc.

Project Designers:

Akitoshi Imafuku

Project Location:


“Funabashiya” is an arrowroot cake store with a long history, and this is their new conceptual shop focusing on health and beauty. Among numbers of their stores as Funabashiya, the wisteria arbor at their flagship store became iconic to their customer. For their new challenge, we thought it is important to return to their own roots and cherish their history, so we adopted the iconic wisteria arbor to the design of the entrance. Not only this dynamic design of the entrance stands out in the quiet residence area, but it also functions as outside seating for their customers. We used 75mm by 75mm Japanese cypress for curved wood pieces and thinner one for linear pieces, and experimented multiple times to adjusted the angle of the curve and the gap between each piece for aesthetics and better seating experience.

To emphasize the linear design, the dark grey tiles run from the terrace to the end of the store, and it makes the store look deeper and the terrace roof more dynamic. We kept the interior minimum to make their products stands out and designed simple furniture with indirect lighting at the bottom, so they don’t look heavy and rather floating.