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Prapanca Muchtar

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Gone are the days of stuffy small offices with rows of tables filled with papers for agents to come and go. Instead, Allianz had chosen different style for their most prized partners and celebrate their achievements in having an area that can best support their day-to-day needs in comfort, flexibility, pride and openness.

Agent Lounge serves as a one stop service hub for all agents and Allianz to exchange ideas, start discussions, solve problems, cultivate fruitful relationships and many more. The lounge that serves as a co-working areas has the flexibility in providing care, comfort, teamwork environment to the hardworking agents. With various working styles whether to work while enjoying coffee in the morning over the bar or relax on the lounges or even work in a more private tables, Agent Lounge provides the agile working style that is embraced by Allianz.

Natural tones in the Agent Lounge giving the area calmness, efficient, crisp and clean ambiance that are much needed in supporting the Agents. Corporate colors accentuate the atmosphere giving strong identity in a bright and light background. Enclosed meeting spaces and lounges used for private and hard conversations. While in the open space, the agent customer service is always there, available to assist.